Vet Direct Pay With Trupanion

Vet Direct Pay with Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can literally be a “life saver” for owners and their pet family members.  Multiple studies show that owners with insured pets are much more likely to be able to offer their pets ideal veterinary care vs those whose pets are not insured.  Pet insurance often simply means that both the owner and veterinarian can focus less on costs and more on providing the pet with the best care possible.

Traditionally veterinary care requires that the owner pay the veterinarian at checkout, submit a claim to the insurance, hope the treatment is “covered,” and wait for a reimbursement check.  Knowing you are getting reimbursed is a HUGE relief to most owners, but it would be easier still if the insurance company could pay their share directly to the veterinarian.

We agree, and are proud to introduce Trupanion Vet Direct Pay to our clinic.  This new service is a partnership between Trupanion Pet Insurance and select veterinary clinics.  It allows us to submit a claim to Trupanion and receive their portion of the payment within just a few minutes while you wait.  As a result, the owner of the insured pet need only pay their portion of the bill at checkout.  No paperwork submission, no waiting for the reimbursement check.  We can even submit an estimate to the insurance company to see what will be covered!

Pet Insurance that Pays Directly to your Veterinarian. Image: clockwork carousel designs, all rights reserved (except Trupanion logo)

We have opted to partner with Trupanion after receiving great feedback from our clients, friends and associates.  Their single plan is straightforward with monthly premiums varying based on the deductible the owner chooses.

Right now, we have even better news.  With a qualifying veterinary exam*, Trupanion allows us to offer our clients a certificate which waives the usual $35 sign-up fee AND waives the normal 15-day waiting period for the start date of a new insurance policy. So, your healthy pet will be covered the day you sign up!

While we love the convenience of Trupanion’s Direct Pay, we believe that nearly any insurance coverage is beneficial to your animal family members.  If you are interested in a comparison of different companies and coverages, please visit our Insurance Comparison Page for information on Insurance terminology and a comparison of a few of our favorite companies.

As always, if you have questions about insurance or your pet, please do not hesitate to call us!

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