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What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

Those of us with animal family members are lucky enough to be living in a time when animal medical care is rivaling or exceeding the quality of human medicine.  Of course, these new treatment options come at a price.  The revolutionary medications and technologies available to veterinarians can be expensive to bring in to a hospital, which means higher costs to both the veterinarian and the pet owner.

While veterinary costs are usually not even 10% of their human counterpart, pet care bills can still take a chunk out of a loving owner's bank account.  Luckily, resourceful and prepared owners have options in the form of Veterinary Pet Insurance. Ultimately, insurance gives owners the confidence that unexpected illness and injury costs will be at least partially reimbursed, so they can concentrate on their pet's health instead of the finances involved.

At All Pets Animal Hospital, we strongly encourage owners to seek out insurance for their animal companions.  Unfortunately, the multitude of companies and variable coverage options can be confusing.  Still, the rewards of insuring your pets are worth the research effort.  Below are some common insurance definitions and comparisons of a few of the companies our clients have given us the best feedback on.

While there are several companies that clients have given us positive reports on, All Pets Animal Hospital recommends Trupanion.  Trupanion is the only insurance company which offers direct approval and payment to the veterinarian on the day of service through theirVet Direct Pay Service.  Traditional pet insurance requires that the owner pay the veterinary invoice, then wait to be reimbursed by the insurance company.  With Vet Direct Pay, Trupanion pays it's portion directly to the veterinarian on the day it is due, so the owner only has to pay their portion and does not need to wait for reimbursement.
All Pets Animal Hospital is proud to be one of a select group of veterinary clinics offering this service to our clients.

Pet Insurance Terms:

Deductible: The amount of money the owner must pay on covered items before the insurance company starts to pay their share.

Reimbursement Percentage: The financial percent of covered items that the insurance pays out, after applicable deductibles.

Enrollment Fee: A one-time fee for enrolling in coverage for the first time.

Waiting Period: The amount of time between enrollment/activation in the insurance plan and the time when reimbursement/coverage begins.

Reimbursement Method:  The way in which benefits are paid from the insurance company.  In most cases, the client pays the veterinarian in full, submits paperwork, and then is reimbursed by the insurance company once the case is reviewed.  
Trupanion's Vet Direct Pay is the exception.  At select veterinary clinics (including All Pets), the company is able to pay the vet directly on the day of service, meaning the client only has to pay the amount not covered by the veterinary clinic.

Coverage Limit: The upper financial that the insurance company will pay out before "capping."  Coverage limits can be per year, per condition/incident, or nonexistant.

Preventative/Wellness Coverage: Reimbursement for Preventative and Wellness items such as General Health Exams, Vaccines, Spays/Neuters, Dental Cleanings, etc.

Congenital Coverage: Reimbursement for care related to genetic diseases or those related to a pet's breed, such as Hip Dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers.

Dental Coverage: Reimbursement for dental care.  General dental cleanings are usually considered part of "wellness care" and may not be covered.  Additional costs for extractions and repairs may be covered as part of accident/illness plans, however.

 Pre-Existing Coverage: Reimbursement for care related to conditions diagnosed prior to enrolling in insurance.  In general, pre-existing conditions are NOT covered under any insurance plan.  There is some variation in what individual companies consider "pre-existing."

Rehab/Alternative/Behavioral Coverage:  Reimbursement for Rehabilitation ("physical therapy"), Alternative/Integrative medicine, and behavioral therapies.  These are often not considered part of regular veterinary care and may not be covered by standard insurance plans.

Pet Insurance Comparison Chart*:



Healthy Paws



Dogs, Cats: 8weeks to 14years

Dogs, Cats: 8weeks to 14years

Dogs, Cats

Dogs, Cats, Exotics

Number of Plans


Multiple, based on annual maximum, deductible, and reimbursement package

Monthly premium based on % coverage and Deductible

Three, depending on desired coverage


Sliding scale: $0-$1000 depending on monthly premium
Deductibles are per conditionfor lifetime of pets

Yes – $750-$1000 per year

Yes $100-$500 per year

Yes $100-$250 per year

Reimbursement Percentage*

*of eligible costs, after deductible met


up to 90%*

*depending on package

up to 90%*

*depending on package

up to 90%*

*depending on package

Prescription Medication




Except under “wellness only” plan

Enrollment Fee

$35 – waived with certificate from participating veterinarians
*available at All Pets




Waiting period

1 month – waived with qualifying certificate & wellness exam from veterinarian

14 days for illness
48 hours for accident
6 months for orthopedic

15 days accident/injury;
6 month congenital

Reimbursement Method

Direct payment to veterinarian available at Trupanion Express clinics
*Available here!

Client pays veterinarian and is reimbursed by insurance company

Client pays veterinarian and is reimbursed by insurance company

Client pays veterinarian and is reimbursed by insurance company

Coverage Limit


Yes, annual
$5,000 - $15,000 per year, depending on plan


None, with accident/illness plans
$400 on “wellness basic” plans

Cover Congenital



Yes, after 6 month waiting period;
12-month waiting period on Hip Dysplasia if pets enrolled before 6 years of age

Depending on Plan

Cover Dental

No: Cleanings
Yes: Extractions, endodontic, repair, oral surgery, etc.*
*only on pets who have received regular oral exams

Yes: Dental Repair/Oral Surgery

Cleanings: Yes with “Wellness Plan”

No, except when necessary due to injury

“Dental Disease,” including gingivitis, included under highest plan

Cover Preventatives/Wellness


Under highest plan


With Wellness Plan

Cover Pre Existing

*Based on required prior 18-month medical record

*Based on required prior 18-month medical record

*Pre-Existing is any condition which developed prior to coverage, including waiting period



Plan Rider available to cover these services

Yes, if as treatment for illness or injury

For preventative covered with “Wellness Plan”


Yes, if “prescribed” by veterinarian

Not Covered

Pre-existing conditions, exam fee, wellness care, preventative care, spay/neuter, sales tax

Pre-existing conditions.

Wellness, spay/neuter and preventative care not covered without “Wellness Plan”

Pre-existing conditions, wellness/
preventative care, spay/neuter, routine dental

Non-vet fees (tax, waste disposal),
grooming, boarding
pre-existing conditions


Exam fees are never covered regardless of reason.

No upper age limit on pet coverage

*Above information based on 2017 published data from represented insurance companies.  All Pets Animal Hospital does not guarantee the accuracy of coverage or reimbursement data on this page.  Please click on the company name to visit their website for details.

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