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Introducing VetSource - Your Pets' Online Pharmacy

Meet VetSource - Your Pet's Online PharmacyAll Pets Animal Hospital is proud to announce that we have partnered with VetSource, a leading online pharmacy, to provide you with home delivery of your pets’ foods and medications.  Vetsource offers you the convenience of online delivery with the comfort of knowing that your products are coming from a safe source trusted by your veterinary hospital.

VetSource carries most of the same food, supplements and chronic medications that we carry in hospital, plus many more.  Through their website, you can order shipments of Purina, Hill’s and Royal Canin foods, as well as many of the flea/parasite control, pain medications and supplements that you have come to trust.

We know that our clients have many online pharmacies to choose from, but VetSource offers some distinct advantages:

Peace of Mind:
Many online pharmacies sell medications and preventatives from overseas.  The packaging and product may look the same when it is not.  VetSource sells the exact same FDA or EPA approved product that you would get in our hospital, without the worry of its source.

Licensed Pharmacists:
Your pet products are double checked by licensed pharmacists to make sure they are accurate and match your pet’s prescription.

Autoship Options:
Through VetSource, you can set up Autoship to have your pet’s medications or foods shipped automatically on a schedule, so you never forget and you never run out.

“Remind Me” Feature:
This unique feature allows you to have your pet’s monthly medications repackaged so that the dose arrives when it is due to be administered, reducing the chances of forgetting a dose.

Free Shipping over $49: 
Standard shipping is free for orders over $49. 

Veterinarian Approved: 
You can buy from VetSource with confidence that the products are supported through your veterinarian.  Many of the same guarantees, rebates and promotions available when you purchase through your veterinarian are valid when the product is purchased through VetSource.  Additionally, if you are ever dissatisfied with a nutritional product (food, treats) it is fully returnable, just as it is in-hospital.  Many supplements carry this same guarantee.

To visit our online pharmacy and see what VetSource has to offer, please visit our pharmacy homepage at:

For information or help in setting up an order, please call us at: (760) 634-2022

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