Fun Rabbit Information

cute lop rabbit

Question: what do you call a female rabbit?

Answer: A doe!

A male rabbit is called a buck, a female rabbit is called a doe and their offspring are called kits (or kittens).

Other Fun Rabbit Facts:

  • Rabbits are not rodents, as many people think, they are Lagomorphs
    • What makes Lagomorphs different than Rodents: a tiny set of extra teeth behind their incisors called peg teeth
  • A rabbit's teeth grow continuously through out their lives.  The natural rubbing of opposing teeth and abrasion from chewing helps keep teeth at their proper length
    • If a rabbit's teeth do not meet correctly (a condition called malocclusion), they may not rub against each other as they should.  As a result, the teeth will become longer and longer leading to severe tooth problems.
    • Rabbits love to chew, a behavior which helps to keep their teeth short.  Owners must be careful to make sure their pet rabbits chew safely - keep electrical cords out of bunny's way!
  • Rabbits have 28 teeth
    • Dental problems, including malformed teeth, overgrown teeth, broken teeth and root abscesses are common problems in pet rabbits.  An oral cavity (mouth) exam should be part of any healthy bunny veterinary exam.
  • Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters)
    • For pet rabbits, quality hay should make up the majority of their diet and is essential for good digestive health. Timothy hay is preferred for healthy adult rabbits.
  • Rabbits have powerful back legs that help them to run up to 24 miles an hour.
    • When holding a rabbit, it is important to support lower back and rear legs, otherwise they can kick so powerfully that they could break their back!
  • Rabbits are very tidy animals and will spend a lot of time grooming. They can even be litter box trained.
    • Watching the litter box is an essential part of good rabbit ownership, as healthy stool size and number is an important indicator of digestive health.
  • Rabbits cannot vomit.
    • Because rabbits cannot vomit, and because continuous feeding helps keep their digestive system moving, we usually recommend that owners do not fast their rabbits prior to surgery.
  • When rabbits are very happy, they often jump in the air twisting their head and body in opposite directions in an joyous expression called a "binky."
    • We love binkies!  It means you have a happy bunny!

If you have any questions about your rabbit, please don't hesitate to call us!

Handsome lop rabbit in the garden

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