Veterinary Services Offered By Our Encinitas Veterinarian

All Pets Animal Hospital is your pet's all-in-one veterinary care resource at 149 S. El Camino Real in Encinitas CA. Our clinic serves dogs, cats, and exotic animals (except for pot-bellied pigs and large animals). Turn to us for:

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Therapeutic Laser Treatment - Our therapeutic laser penetrates harmlessly through the skin to provide pain relief and accelerated healing to the tissues beneath.

Geriatric/Pediatric Programs - Whether your pet is a senior citizen or still a baby, we can provide the specialized care he needs to make the most of his current phase of life.

Preventative Medicine Packages - Prevention is always the best medicine, so we offer a variety of preventative medicine packages to help your pet stay well. 

Comprehensive Dental Care - From regular dentals exams and cleanings to treatment for oral diseases and injuries, your veterinarian can ensure that your pet enjoys the best possible dental health and comfort.

Dog/Cat/Exotic Surgery - Whether you have a dog, a cat, or an exotic pet, we can perform many kinds of surgery to heal diseases, treat injuries, or provide preventative wellness benefits (as in spay or neuter surgery).

Orthopedic Surgery - When your pet's joints are in trouble, our Encinitas clinic has the orthotic surgical expertise to help -- from knee reconstruction procedures to hip replacements for dysplasia and fracture repair.

Low Radiation Digital X-Ray - Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray techniques expose your pet to less radiation than photographic X-rays. This technology creates instant, high-definition images that can be digitally enhanced, stored, and shared.

Digital Dental X-Ray - Our digital dental X-rays provide astonishingly detailed images while exposing your pet's teeth, gums and jaw to minimal radiation. 

Advanced Surgical Monitoring - Our advanced surgical monitoring methods can help ensure your pet's safety throughout his procedure. We keep a close eye on vital signs, anesthesia, blood oxygen levels and more.

Effective Pain Management - When your pet is in pain, it's great to know that we offer effective pain management at our clinic. Your veterinarian can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and diets as well as exercise programs for easier mobility.

Ultrasound - Ultrasound imaging lets us see soft tissues in real time -- including fetal movement in pregnant patients.

Laparoscopy/Endoscopy - Laparoscopy and endoscopy employ advanced fiber optic technologies to help us see inside your pet's body and perform minimally invasive surgery.

Behavior Counseling - Is your pet misbehaving? Our behavior counseling can help you turn him back into a good citizen.

Bathing - We now offer bathing to help your pet maintain healthy hair and skin.

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