Pet Dental

Pet Dental Care at All Pets Animal Hospital In Encinitas, CA

When you think about dental checkups, cleanings, treatments, and home care practices such as tooth brushing, you probably envision your own family dentist. But did you know that your pet needs these same services just as much as the human members of your family? Dental care is an important aspect of helping your pet stay healthy and happy. Here at All Pets Animal Hospital, we can help your Encinitas pet get the high-quality dental services he needs.

Pet Dental

Dental Issues and Your Pet's Health

Your pet can't enjoy optimal wellness without healthy teeth and gums. Pets use their teeth for everything from eating and playing to hauling heavy objects around, which means that they're prone to a variety of dental challenges. One of the most obvious problems is tooth breakage or other damage. A broken tooth is extremely painful, and it also lets bacteria enter the pulp chamber, leading to dangerous and agonizing infections.

Periodontal disease is a common problem. This chronic inflammation, which is triggered by bacteria attached to tartar, attacks the tissues that hold teeth in place, causing tooth loss and pain. The hardest threat of all for pet owners to spot, and potentially the most dangerous of them all, is oral cancer. Pets can develop this fast-moving, destructive cancer at any time -- and if it isn't caught in its early stages, it can prove fatal.

Dental Services From Your Encinitas Veterinarian

Fortunately, routine dental care at All Pets Hospital can protect your non-human family member from these and other dental dangers. Any Encinitas veterinarian on our team can provide dental evaluations as part of your pet's annual wellness exam. (Some pets need more than one dental evaluation per year.) Digital X-rays enable us to see any evidence of infection or breakage. Examination of the gums can reveal the presence of periodontal disease, while examination of the oral cavity, head and neck can help us detect cancer. Other dental services include:

  • Teeth cleaning - We can administer comprehensive teeth cleaning (under anesthesia) to get rid of the tartar that may lead to periodontal disease.
  • Dental treatment - We can fight infections with antibiotics, painkillers, and (if necessary) extractions. We can also recommend a life-saving treatment plan to fight oral cancer.
  • Home hygiene recommendations - From brushing your pet's teeth to feeding him tartar-fighting foods, we can advise you on home dental hygiene practices.

Bring Your Dog, Cat, or Exotic Pet to Us

If your pet has teeth, he can benefit from dental care at All Pets Animal Hospital in Encinitas. Call (760) 634-2022 to schedule an appointment for your dog, cat, or exotic pet! 

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