Emergency Care

Emergency Care Services At  All Pets Animal Hospital

An emergency is never planned and can be quite scary, especially when it is an emergency with your pet.  Broken bones, sudden disease, and accidents can happen at any time and it is important to have a veterinarian to turn to.  At All Pets Animal Hospital, we regularly help treat emergency pet conditions.  Below, let's examine emergency pet care in more detail.  

Emergency Care Services At  All Pets Animal Hospital

What is Emergency Care?

Emergency care for your animal is anything that can be considered life saving.  Pets, like people, can have accidents that require immediate medication or surgery.  Often pets that have broken bones or internal bleeding as a result of a car accident will require emergency care.  Sudden disease or attacks from other animals can also require urgent medical care.

What are the Most Common Conditions?

One of the most common reasons an animal will require emergency care is because of an accident.  This can be an automobile accident or even an accident where play time became too rough.  Accidents can include broken bones and damage to internal organs.  Depending on the severity, broken bones sometimes require surgery to repair the limb.  Another condition commonly seen in the emergency room is pets with an obstruction in their digestive track.  Unfortunately, pets can eat objects not intended for consumption.  These objects can become stuck in the intestines creating a life threatening condition that requires surgery to fix.  Further, pets are often admitted to the emergency room with heat stroke.  This is a very serious condition which, if not caught quickly, can be fatal to your animal.

What Should I Expect With Emergency Care?

The first step with any emergency case is to make sure the animal is stable.  Our team of veterinarians will work to obtain your pet's vital signs, like his or her heart beat, to establish a baseline.  From there, we will work together with you to understand all we can about the accident or circumstance leading to the injury.  Depending on the emergency, your pet may require an MRI or X-ray to determine the extent of the injury.  From there, our expert staff will work to find the best possible solution and medication to help your pet.  Following our recommended treatment, we will give you a full detailed description so you can provide the best possible after care to help your pet heal.  

Contact All Pets Animal Hospital in Encinitas, CA Today!

At All Pets Animal Hospital, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time of the day.  We are here to help with any animal emergency, including exotic animals.  Our veterinarian office can cover everything from Grooming to life saving surgery.  To learn more about what services we can provide please call us today at (760) 634-2022.  Our office is conveniently located at 149 S El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024.

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